Event Technology Services began as an organization that wanted to kick aside the old A/V company model and create a pioneering alternative that provided individualized solutions for event planners, speakers and exhibitors. This meant carefully considering how we approach clients, engage with vendors, and hire team members. As we grow, this careful consideration has extended to examining how our business activities effect the future of our families, partnerships, community and planet.


Family Style
At ETS we genuinely think of our team as a family. Whether in the office or on show site, you will not find many closed doors or meaningless hierarchies. We believe that fewer walls and titles, and more conversation and collaboration, is the key to achieving results. By tapping into the experiences of a diverse group of individuals, we deliver superior solutions. This approach carries over to our customer and vendor relationships as well. We strive to understand our partner’s business challenges and goals through open conversation, which will ultimately lead to mutual success.

Health & Wellness
A demanding travel schedule is the norm in our business. Long periods away from home can put a tremendous strain on families and relationships. To help relieve some of the worry, we offer healthcare coverage to employees and their families, typically covering 100% of medical and dental insurance premiums. We also show support for families with our flexible “Work at Home/Home at Work” policy. Spouses at destination event sites, family-style barbecues on the loading dock and even kids in the conference room during a school break, is as much a part of doing business at ETS as conference calls in neighborhood kitchens and proposals written in home offices. Of course well-deserved Paid Time Off is part of the program too.


Monitoring and Reducing Trucking
By partnering with equipment vendors with warehouses distributed through North America, we are frequently able to source equipment locally. This not only improves inventory options for clients, but also reduces the negative environmental impact of state to state trucking. When shipping equipment becomes necessary to best meet our clients’ needs, we utilize IM Logistics, our in house transport team. IML subcontracts with responsible companies who are part of the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Program. SmartWay reduces transportation-related emissions that affect climate change, closely monitors the latest advancements in reducing greenhouse gases and the impact transport has on the environment.

Adopting Better Technology
It takes an incredible amount of energy to power an event. As often as possible, we replace conventional lighting with LED lighting. The positive impact of this change is twofold. LED uses significantly less energy, and LED also generates less heat. In a crowded convention center, this can considerably lower the power needed for central air conditioning. ETS also offers Digital Signage at events to share information and promote businesses. Implementing this solution has allowed our clients to use less paper for printed communication and marketing materials. We’ve seen a drastic decrease in the use of alkaline batteries by partnering with LiveBox Digital for wireless microphones and radios with rechargeable batteries. As an added bonus, this move has saved us significant time spent testing the life of used batteries and arranging for recycling.

Recycling & Repurposing
Reduced trucking and technology upgrades are the big steps, but at ETS we recognize the little steps matter too. We have reduced the amount of paper we use by implementing cloud based software tools such as ShoFlo for production cue sheets and Conductor for event resource management. Utilizing the city of Irving’s single-stream collection bins makes recycling essential printed materials easy when they are no longer needed. We even provide a stocked kitchen which allows employees to eat real food, on a real plate, with a real fork to cut down on take-out waste.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Education
From our keynote speakers to our children’s teachers, we hear the significance of STEM focused curriculum in schools. STEM is the future of American education and economy. ETS proudly supports STEM initiatives in local schools by supporting fundraising events, assisting with acquisitions and donating equipment. As we grow, we would like our influence to expand by supporting our partner’s communities and their STEM initiatives.

Team Members’ Passion Projects
In regard to giving back, there’s certainly no shortage of worthwhile causes to explore and champion. For those team members who are making a difference through their own passion projects, we applaud them and offer our support. Team members have the opportunity to request financial support for their cause by proposing a project to become an ETS community initiative.


A Partner to Trust
We are proud of our growth and stability at ETS. We would not have experienced this success had it not been for our commitment to customer service. We are absolutely dedicated to making every interaction with ETS a positive one for our customers and partners. Relying almost entirely on referral business, our reputation is vital. This leaves no room for questionable ethics or deceitfulness in our organization. Any signs of practices that could risk our reputation are quickly addressed and resolved. Our partners can feel confident in their interactions with us.

Impact Realization
ETS recognizes that even a small company can have a resounding impact. We understand that a new agreement with a vendor, effects a supply chain. A change in strategy with a client, effects a reputation. An update to an employee policy, effects a family. That’s why we are committed to managing our business with a view beyond our own. Regardless of how much we grow or evolve, ETS will continue its commitment to orchestrating with integrity.