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Keynote Production – It’s opening day and the stage is set. This is your chance to capture the attention of every attendee. The stakes are high, making the Keynote the most anticipated part of any event. ETS can design and equip your presentation using state-of-the-art technology and experienced personnel for a flawless Keynote that sets the tone.


Meeting Rooms – The meeting room is the heart and soul of any conference. Whether you have three or 300, these breakouts provide the communication building blocks of your event. ETS can provide you with the essential service and equipment to help your speakers effectively connect with the audience.

Intersolar-North-America-14 Breakout


Exhibitor Services – When it comes to the exhibit floor, you have a limited amount of time to make the greatest impact possible. ETS can work with your installation and design team to provide an integrated solution that allows your brand to stand out in a crowd. Using cutting-edge technology, we can create an engaging experience for your current and potential customers.


Content Management – Are you looking for innovative ways to deliver your message to a greater audience? ETS can help your create flexible methods of capturing and delivering your content to the outside world, in real-time or post-event. We will help you assess a variety of programs and media output options to identify the most efficient way to communicate.

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